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Are you looking for self development courses that are both inspirational and motivational? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Intuitive Intelligence Programme (IIP) offers you the opportunity to participate in a remarkable and very highly regarded training programme. It has inspired people around the world to explore and develop their intuitive awareness, thus helping them to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves and where possible helping those around them.

Personal Development Courses

The Intuitive Intelligence Programme is a unique and powerful course developed by Srinivas Arka to bring depth, abundance and excellence in all the major aspects of one’s life. It can have a profound and life-enhancing effect on the learner.

There are no rigid instructions, but instead, helpful guidelines. Srinivas Arka shows us how to be practical without compromising our creative nature, thus feeling fulfilled and joyous. Intuitive-Intelligence is at the core of Srinivas Arka’s philosophy; bringing a balance between the intelligent mind and intuitive heart.

To find out more information about our courses and training programmes, please feel free to use our handy Enquiry form on the Contact Us page and we will be in touch straight away.

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